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Help and FAQ
You have questions, how Wichtelmania works? Or a particular problem in your group? Please read our FAQs below.

If you're still stuck, send an email to our support. Always send us your group link in your message - this usually makes everything easier!
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Wichtelmania work?

You can find a short overview here.

What are all those links for and which types of links are there?

Wichtelmania is using different secret links, so that you don't have to register with your email address and a password (we all have plenty of passwords already). In a Wichtelmania group there are 3 types of links:
  • the group admin link, which only the group admin should have (e.g. to delete names from the group or start drawing the names),
  • the group link, which the admin sends to friends, so they can add their names to the group, and
  • the private secret links (when someone registers, they get this link and will later use it to find out, which name they have drawn).

There are couples in our group. They shouldn't draw each other's name. Can we do this?

Yes. Everyone can specify names that should not be drawn. So for a couple you add each other's name to the list of excluded names.

Are those name exclusions visible to everyone?

Yes they are. Their purpose is e.g. for couples where nobody should draw their partner's name. This function should not be used to specify, that you don't want to draw someone's name because you just don't want to draw this name. This is why name exclusions are visible to everyone in the group.

I lost my private secret link. What now?

Your group's admin has a button ("? Link") in the group view. This button can be used to retrieve a lost private secret link.

Why can't I edit my name, wishlist or name exclusion?

As soon as someone has registered (using the checkmark button next to their name), this entry can not be edited any more.

You can still change your wish using your private secret link.

In case you want to change the name exclusions, please ask your group admin for help. He or she can still change those things.

When you as group admin use your group admin link, you can still change those things.

How can I delete a name in our group (e.g. when we have a duplicate name)?

Your group admin can delete name entries in your group using the trashcan button next to the names in the list.

If you are not the group admin, ask your admin for help.

I am the group admin, but I still can't delete or edit any entries. Why?

As group admin you received your group's admin link when you created your group.
Use this link, otherwise Wichtelmania will not allow you to use all admin functions.

I lost my admin link. Are we all lost?

Of course not. If you lost your admin link, open your group page (using the group link which you have also given to your friends) on the same device and browser on which you have created this group. When a group is created we store a cookie in the browser, and when you open the group page and this cookie is found, we display a link to the admin view.

If that doesn't work send us an email containing your normal groupd link (which you sent to your friends) or your private secret link. We'll try to help you.

Is the admin's name automatically added to the group?

The admin's name is not added to your group automatically. If the admin should also participate in your group (which is usually the case), just add the admin's name to the list!

I still have a Wichtelmania link from last christmas, but it's not working any more. Why?

Your group has probably been deleted (see next question).

How is a group deleted?

A Wichtelmania group is automatically removed after 6 months (can be reactivated by the group's admin) and completely deleted after another 6 months.
This has two reasons. The GDPR states, that personal data (e.g. your names) should only be stored as long as necessary. And it should prevent people from using old links and buying a gift for the person whose name they drew last year. On the group admin's page the date at which a group will be removed is displayed.

I don't want our group to be deleted/removed after 6 months. Can I do this?

The group admin can increase the lifetime of a group (always 6 months into the future calculated from the current date).